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Hello everyone!  I am proud to bring you this year’s installment of Mr. PGBL's Corner.  I will bring you a unique perspective to the games each week and will try to add new and exciting features throughout the season.  I would like to thank the Commissioners, Mr. Bill Zonios and Mr. John Vasiliou for allowing me this opportunity as well as for all their hard work to make this season possible.  I would also like to thank ALPHA CARD SERVICES for sponsoring my weekly column and giving me an unlimited "Alpha credit card" to buy all that spanakopita from the snack stand......boy is that stuff good!!!  Good luck to all the teams this season.  I will be watching....

Mr. PGBL's Corner

2017-18 Pre Season Power Rankings

  1. Kings - Last year’s Champions are back and they are healthy! The return of playmaker Niki Veronis and Foti Giannopoulos means the Kings will be at full strength this season as they make a push for a repeat. This roster is completely stacked, maybe to the likes of which we’ve never seen. 3 former MVP’s in Bill Zonios, Niki Veronis, and Jim Armenakis will accompany last year’s Finals MVP Alex Veronis and young star Niko Balis among other all stars in their quest to build a dynasty. Will the Kings be able to make it 4 straight finals appearances and back to back titles?
  2. Outlaws - The PGBL MVP of last season, Pete Kada joins forces with 3 time league MVP George Vlahos to build a super team full of all stars! Players like Kosta Pavlidis, Stef Grigorakakis and new comer Laz Makrides will be a thorn in the Kings’ side, challenging them for the number 1 seed! As with any new team, it is a chemistry experiment. Will these guys be able to reach full potential? I can’t wait to find out!
  3. Warriors - The completely new look Warriors are revamped and ready for a title push! The addition of players like Lou Karapanagiotides, Kosta Nikolos and Chris Voutsakis give the team a solid point guard with plenty of championship experience and veteran low post players for rebounding and shot blocking. The Warriors still maintain their core players of the Karalis Brothers and Will Galiatsatos so these guys are much improved! 
  4. Boardwalk Empire - Last year I made the mistake of ranking these guys last on my pre season list so I wont make that same mistake! The Empire is rising and turning heads around the PGBL. Last season Nick Kafkalas and Steve Gassis led the team to an unexpected but much deserved trip to the PGBL Finals! These guys play solid team basketball and they all have the same objective when they get on the court, win!
  5. Revolution - On any given night, the Revolution have what it takes to beat any PGBL team. That’s because of their experience, basketball knowledge and talent. Combine that with their ability to cohesively work as a unit and you have the teamwork every group strives for. Vasili Nasis, along with the help of point guard Vangeli Carabeses and hustle man Alex Pavlidis will be no push over this year.   
  6. PAS Giannina - In addition to one of last year’s MVP Candidates, Evan Tsiklidis, PAS has added a seasoned veteran and former MVP himself, Chris Vasiliou. Chris will definitely provide another scoring option for PAS, especially since they’ve lost Kosta Pavlidis to free agency. Captain Bill Dosis definitely has some talent to work with and after a .500 season last year and coming very close to a semi final trip, PAS are optimistic about the upcoming season. 
  7. The Process - Big George Pagiotas has now formed his own team! He will be the anchor to a young core of players featuring Alex and Chris Dawson along with Jimmy and George Armentani. A youthful energetic group with plenty of potential, but in a league filled with experienced vets, this team will have its bumps and bruises. Will they be able to over achieve and make a playoff run?
  8. Rockets - Veteran players like Alexi Topalidis and Ari Raptis lead this roster of young players for a first year venture. There are some new players on this team, as with some other teams, that Mr. PGBL doesn’t know, but I believe in Alexi and Ari so I think this team will compete. I love seeing new teams with new names. It’s exciting and great for the league. Can’t wait to see the new jerseys!
  9. Bucks - Fear the deer! Another new team with some young talent! Some former Warriors players including Sotiri Deliopoulos, Alki Tsitsios and Tommy Tzumakaris have branched off to build their own team. The Bucks may be in tribute to the Greek NBA star Giannis Antetonkoumpo, so who’s going to wear the #34? 

Mr. PGBL's 2016-17 MVP Choices

Pete Kada- The Revolution are in first place , and the primary reason is Pete Kada. This guy is an offensive threat any time he steps on the court. Kada is leading his team in points at 22ppg, and providing energy night in and night out. His activity on the court drives defenders crazy. Kada has the ability to shoot long range 3's, drive to the basket or just beat everybody down the court on a fast break. 
George Vlahos- Last year's MVP is having another fantastic season leading his team in scoring once again with over 23ppg. Vlahos has also stepped up his rebounding in absence of his center. George has always been a great rebounder but this year he's taken it to another level. Vlahos is one of the toughest players in the league to defend, and the toughest to contain. Leading the Wolfpack to another high seed, Vlahos deserves MVP recognition. 
Pete Kathopoulis- As if we didn't know what Pete Kathopoulis is capable of , he goes and drops 50 in a game where his team had only 4 players, leading them to victory. The first time in 10 years that's been done! Pete Kathopoulis is the most talented and skilled player in the league. A late season injury has hurt Danny's Boys but not before Kathopoulis made a statement for the MVP trophy. Leading the league in scoring at 29ppg, it looks like he'll be taking home another scoring title as well. 
Evan Tsiklidis - Evan is having one of the best rookie seasons in PGBL history, behind George Vlahos and Pete Kathopoulis. Averaging over 25ppg , Evan has led PAS Giannina to their best season yet as they fight for playoff seeding. Thanks to Tsiklidis , PAS is a threat every night. He's hit several clutch shots this year to lead his team to victory. He's extremely valuable to his team thus deserving MVP consideration. 
Bill Zonios- A former MVP, Bill Zonios seems to find himself on this list every year. His consistency offensively and leadership is vital to the Kings' success. Zonios has stepped up in absence of his injured point guard, Niki Veronis, and propelled the Kings to one of the top seeds once again. Averaging 20ppg, Bill is still getting it done on a regular basis, especially in the clutch, With another game winning play this season. 
Alex Veronis - Watching his cousin and teammate break his leg must have given Alex some extra motivation. Veronis is having his best PGBL season so far, averaging just shy of 20ppg. Alex is an all around player, providing a scoring option, rebounder and solid defender for the Kings. Did anyone see his offensive explosion earlier this season? Alex poured in 46 points for the Kings and let the league know he's serious. 
Jim Armenakis- Arguably the best center in PGBL history, Armenakis is on this list because of what he provides for Danny's Boys. A low post threat, shot blocking, rebounding and the occasional 3 pointer! Jim is a former league MVP and will be a main option for Danny's Boys going into the playoffs. Armenakis will look to fill the void with Kathopoulis being out, taking his 20ppg into the postseason with an aggressive mindset. 
Lou Karapanagiotides- The Wolfpack wheels don't turn without this guy. One of the best point guards in PGBL history, Lou is the epitome of a winner. Lou keeps the teams offense stable , while providing leadership in the huddle. He can dazzle the crowd with a pass or quiet the competition with a mid range jump shot. Last year he was instrumental to the Wolfpack's championship run. And this year will be no different. 
Nick Kafkalas- Averaging just shy of 17ppg, Nick is leading his team in scoring as Boardwalk Empire jostles for playoff seeding. Kafkalas left his role on Danny's Boys after last season to build his on 'Empire'. With a solid core around him, Kafkalas and company are headed for the post season. Shooting and rebounding have been his strengths this season. 

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