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Hello everyone!  I am proud to bring you this year’s installment of Mr. PGBL's Corner.  I will bring you a unique perspective to the games each week and will try to add new and exciting features throughout the season.  I would like to thank the Commissioners, Mr. Bill Zonios and Mr. John Vasiliou for allowing me this opportunity as well as for all their hard work to make this season possible.  I would also like to thank ALPHA CARD SERVICES for sponsoring my weekly column and giving me an unlimited "Alpha credit card" to buy all that spanakopita from the snack stand......boy is that stuff good!!!  Good luck to all the teams this season.  I will be watching....

Mr. PGBL's Corner

Power Rankings 11/23/15

Power Rankings 11/22/15

1 – Danny’s Boys (6-1) – Pete Kathopoulis has been closing out games like we all know he can. When it’s close in the second half, everybody knows who’s getting the ball. DB has climbed back to my number 1, a spot they haven’t had since the pre season rankings.

2 – Wolfpack (7-1) – A win over the Kings was a job well done, but since the Kings were missing several key players, I’m putting the Pack at my number 2 for now, considering they’re only loss came at the hands of Danny’s Boys.

3 – Kings (5-3) – The Kings lost back to back games for the first time in years. The main problem is getting enough guys to the game. Niki Veronis and Bill Zonios were not available against the Wolfpack due to injuries.

4 – Sixers (4-4) – With all the fire power the Sixers have, I expect them to climb even higher. A good team win over the Rev tonight puts them into my number 4 spot.

5 – Revolution (4-3) – A loss the the Sixers in a close game drops the Rev 1 spot in my rankings. But have no fear, these guys will be right there in the end!

6 – Spartans (3-4) – The Spartans are improving and its greatly due to Antonio Nakos how is dominating the paint. Big win against the Warriors tonight.

7 – Warriors (2-5) – The Warriors are a tough team to figure out. They play excellent against the leagues top teams, and mediocre on other nights. They need to bring that same energy every game.

8 – PAS Giannina (1-6) – They pulled off an upset this week and they deserve to celebrate. Knocking off the #1 ranked team at the time, the Kings.

9- Ellas (1-6) – Tied for that final playoff spot, Ellas needs to start racking up some wins to solidify their place in the postseason.  

Mr. PGBL 11/13/15

Danny’s Boys 70 vs. Warriors 66
A slow start for Danny’s Boys had them in a 31-11 hole! Yes that’s right, DB was faced with an uphill climb after falling back by 20 points. It was not a good first half for the Boys but in the 2nd, they really turned it on. Danny’s Boys inched their way back in the game in several different ways. Nick Kafkalas was able to hit the outside shot as we all know he can, scoring 15 points on 4 three pointers. But it was the outstanding play of Pete Kathopoulis, early season MVP, that brought Danny’s Boys all the way back and eventually gave them the lead. Pete scored 25 points, 15 in the second half to lead the comeback but the points didn’t come as you would assume. Kathopoulis didn’t make many shots in the 2nd half, in fact he only made a couple buckets. It was his ability to get to the basket and draw contact that proved to be the difference. Pete did an excellent job of getting to the free throw line and hitting 16-16 of his foul shots in the 2nd half! Impressive to say the least. Danny’s Boys moves to 5-1 in a 3 way tie for the league’s best record. 
Almost another huge upset for the Warriors but this time their celebration was halted by Danny’s Boys. After coming out red hot, leading by 20 points in the first half, the energy and crisp play slowly faded. Some late game turnovers were a big reason for the loss but that’s going to have to be something the Warriors learn from and move on. These guys are still young and this experience will definitely make them better. Everybody chipped in for the Warriors but it was Nick Karalis who carried most of the scoring load. Karalis was very good last night, hitting some huge shots late in the game to keep the Warriors hopes alive. Giving up a big lead like that is never easy, but they need to remember how they played in the 1st half of this game and use that momentum going forward in confidence that they can beat anybody on any given night. 
Mr. PGBL’s Game Ball – Pete Kathopoulis

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