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Hello everyone!  I am proud to bring you this year’s installment of Mr. PGBL's Corner.  I will bring you a unique perspective to the games each week and will try to add new and exciting features throughout the season.  I would like to thank the Commissioners, Mr. Bill Zonios and Mr. John Vasiliou for allowing me this opportunity as well as for all their hard work to make this season possible.  I would also like to thank ALPHA CARD SERVICES for sponsoring my weekly column and giving me an unlimited "Alpha credit card" to buy all that spanakopita from the snack stand......boy is that stuff good!!!  Good luck to all the teams this season.  I will be watching....

Mr. PGBL's Corner

Mr. PGBL 11/5/15

Wolfpack 55 vs. Warriors 46

The Wolfpack improve to 5-1 after a hard fought victory against a Warriors team that’s relentlessly physical. Lou Sarris Grau proved to be the difference maker with his size in the paint, scoring a game high 15 points and making the Warriors’ forwards work overtime. George Vlahos and Aris Haritonidis both scored 13 points. One thing I believe the Wolfpack need to improve on is ball movement, but then again who needs ball movement when you have one of the leagues best at the point, Lou Karapanagiotides.

The effort and physicality was there but offensively the Warriors couldn’t get as hot as they would have liked. Will Galiatsatos was the only player to score in double digits with 10 points but in order to beat one of the league’s best teams that number needs to be higher. As a team the Warriors will be a difficult out come playoff time. They pose a threat to any of the top teams, and we’ll see how they fare against Danny’s Boys next week.

Mr. PGBL’s Game Ball – Lou Sarris Grau

Kings 70 vs. Sixers 59

The Kings really turned up the offense in the second half of this game with great ball movement and that was led by Alex Veronis (25pts) and Bill Zonios (21pts). Veronis was able to read the defense and score on easy layups as the Kings broke down the Sixers’ defense. Bill Zonios got hot from outside and hit some crucial 3’s to extend the lead. The Kings were short handed once again playing without guards Nicko Balis and Niki Veronis but this team is deep enough to compete, even with a depleted bench.

An excellent first half for the Sixers as they carried a 30-27 lead into halftime but having only 5 players is recipe for fatigue! The best big man in PGBL History, Jim Armenakis was doing his thing tonight, taking advantage of the size mismatch. Armenakis scored 28 points and posed a big problem for the Kings’ defense. Chris Vasiliou scored 15 points but had trouble getting the 3 ball going. As a team, the Sixers only made 3 three pointers tonight.

Mr. PGBL’s Game Ball – Alex Veronis

Danny’s Boys 76 vs. PAS Giannina 68

With a combination of speed and deadly shooting Pete Kathopoulis is leading the league in scoring once again, scoring 25 tonight to lead DB to their 4th win. Danny’s Boys’ Matt Zachariades (13pts) had a solid game down low and seems to be fitting in great with his new team, especially in the absence of Zeke Economides. Kosta Nikolos (11pts) got hot from outside late in the game and helped DB foil any comeback attempts by Giannina. Danny’s Boys is in good shape early on and I only expect them to improve. Next Thursday should be a fun game to watch against the Warriors, who gave the Wolfpack all they could handle tonight.

PAS Giannina played a heck of a game and they’ve been holding it together in the absence of Kosta Pavlidis. Still looking for their first win, but playing solid basketball none the less. Tonight the team was led by Dimitri Evangelopoulos who scored 23 points, 18 of those in the second half. Some impressive hop step baby hooks from inside the paint along with a couple long 3 pointers helped Dimitri earn his season high in points.

Mr. PGBL Game Ball – Pete Kathopoulis 

Mr. PGBL 10/30/15

Revolution 58 vs. Sixers 43

This Rev team is better than I initially thought. They lose 2 very good players in the offseason but maintained their level of teamwork and ball movement. These guys have experience and in this league, the experience will take you far. The Rev started the game short handed without the Nasis brothers who showed up closer to half time. When Vasili Nasis entered the game it was a seesaw close score but his presence sparked the Rev to go on a run and play better defense. Nasis ( 12 pts ) being consistently present for the Rev has equated to victories but he’s not the only one contributing. Gus Rombos was very aggressive with the basketball, driving hard and earning trips to the free throw line. Rombos had a season high 20 points. The Jersey boys also got some big 3 point shots from Captain John Skordos, whose 4 three pointers propelled the offensive run they made in the second half. A big game this weekend against the Kings presents an opportunity to knock off one of the best teams and jump into 1st place. 1st in my power rankings will also be on the line!

The Sixers struggled offensively last night and had trouble getting their star players going. Jim Armenakis led with 13 points and Chris Vasiliou had his quietest game we’ve seen in a while, scoring 7 points and having an off night shooting. If these guys are hitting shots, the Sixers are dangerous, but if they are off, the team will struggle similar to what happened last night. The Sixers started ok, scoring 28 points in the first half but the second half was troublesome offensively, scoring only 15 and points on 7 baskets and not getting to the free throw line at all. I think this is a night the Sixers would love to just forget and move on the the next one.

Mr. PGBL’s Game Ball – Gus Rombos

Danny’s Boys 67 vs. Wolfpack 59

Danny’s Boys are the defending champs with a great shot at the 1st 3peat in PGBL History and last night they proved that. When you combine their suffocating defense with a nuclear weapon like Pete Kathopoulis (32pts) you can beat anybody, anytime. Kathopoulis scored just about 50% of DB’s points last night, hitting big shots when it mattered. Pete scored 22 of DB’s 38 points in the 2nd half including some great 3 point shots and shooting 8-9 from the free throw line. The inside play of Dimitri Poulimenos and the all around ball movement by Kosta Nikolos and the DB guards was crucial for this win. They knock off the number 1 ranked Wolfpack so Danny’s Boys will be number 1 or 2 on my newest rankings, depending on what happens in the Kings/Rev game on Sunday. Danny’s Boys has the weekend off and return to action next Thursday against PAS Giannina.

A slow start really cost the Wolfpack last night. After a quick 8-0 lead in the first couple minutes, the Pack only managed to score 20 points in the 1st half and that seemed to hurt them in the long run. They did wake up and play way better offensively in the 2nd half scoring 39 points. George Vlahos scored 14 of his 19 points in the 2nd half and led the team in scoring and although he showed flashes, he didn’t seem like his usual self in this game. The only other player scoring in double digits was Aris Haritonidis who hit some very nice long 2 point jumpers at crucial times in the game. Lou Sarris Grau did his part defensively, blocking and altering several shots but some late mistakes and miscommunication by the Pack ultimately led to their defeat. Just the first loss of the season though and of course this isn’t a bad one. On to the Spartans on Sunday.

Mr. PGBL’s Game Ball – Pete Kathopoulis

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