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Hello everyone!  I am proud to bring you this year’s installment of Mr. PGBL's Corner.  I will bring you a unique perspective to the games each week and will try to add new and exciting features throughout the season.  I would like to thank the Commissioners, Mr. Bill Zonios and Mr. John Vasiliou for allowing me this opportunity as well as for all their hard work to make this season possible.  I would also like to thank ALPHA CARD SERVICES for sponsoring my weekly column and giving me an unlimited "Alpha credit card" to buy all that spanakopita from the snack stand......boy is that stuff good!!!  Good luck to all the teams this season.  I will be watching....

Mr. PGBL's Corner

Power Rankings 11/14/16

1. Danny’s Boys (5-2) - They’re big, they can shoot and they’re experienced. The 2 time champions are on top of my rankings right not for those reasons along with another big reason..they are healthy! If the playoffs started today, these guys would be the clear favorite. In the span of just a week the Boys have propelled to 1st place in the standings thanks to big performances from Jim Armenakis and the always dangerous Pete Kathopoulis, who poured in 36 last night in a big win over the Warriors. 


2. Kings (4-2) - The Kings have been bitten by the injury bug worse than any other team, arguably in league history. Foti Giannopoulos, Chris Kourelias and Niki Veronis are all out with injuries. Veronis’ broken leg will keep him out for the rest of the season which is a big blow for the Kings. Foti and Chris should be back before playoff time. Other players have been stepping up including Bill Zonios who had a 37 point game last week and Alex Veronis who exploded for 46 points last night when the Kings played with only 4 players and made it a game until Boardwalk Empire pulled away at the end.They need these guys to keep it up and the team needs to stay together if they want to remain a serious contender. 


3. Revolution ( 4-2 ) - Pete Kada is an early candidate for league MVP, and it seems to me like he's playing the best ball we've seen him play. With a big win over the Wolfpack last night, the Revolution move into a 3 way tie with the Pack and Kings for 2nd place. It’s been a strange season so far with all the injuries but these guys are healthy, fast and strong. With inside play from Vasili Nasis, mid range threats from Chris Vasiliou and Pete Kada on the perimeter, the Rev will indeed contest for a championship.


4. Wolfpack ( 4-2 ) - Another injury ridden team is the Pack. After losing their defensive anchor, Lou Sarris Grau, the Pack have kept it together. But last night’s loss to the Revolution was hard to swallow. Missing their leading scorer George Vlahos, the Wolfpack relied on other players to carry the load. But what George does on the floor can not be replaced. He is truly an MVP if we’ve ever seen one for his all around game. These guys are still the champs and the rankings should mean nothing because once the playoffs come I'm expecting these guys to be healthy and the favorite for the title. 


5. PAS Giannina ( 3-2 ) - Averaging over 22 points per game and leading his team to a 3-2 record is a big reason Evan Tsiklidis is a candidate for early season MVP. Nobody expected PAS to be in such good shape at this point of the season. Evan is not only scoring points, he's scoring when it really counts! He’s hit countless big clutch shots and continues to impress me. 


6. Boardwalk Empire ( 3-3 ) - Last night’s win over the Kings was important for B.E. because it was a game they definitely couldn’t afford to lose. Going down in history as the first team to lose to a 4 man lineup isn’t something B.E. wanted to be in the record books for. They got the job done, made shots and played keep away from the Kings and now they sit at 3-3 on the season with a very winnable game against the Warriors coming up. 


7. Warriors ( 2-4 ) - The Warriors hung very tough against Danny’s Boys last night, as they always do. A few mistakes cost them the game and they had no answer for Pete Kathopoulis. These guys are just one or 2 solid big guys away from being a championship contender. They’ve been knocking on greatness’ door for years but they need to start banging. Kick the door down, fellas. 


8. Ellas ( 1-5 ) - Trouble getting a full roster to the games for Ellas has been a primary reason they’ve struggled. A big win over the Revolution a couple weeks ago gave Ellas confidence but since then , they’ve lost 3 straight. All they need to do is avoid the last seed and they’ll have a shot in the playoffs. Who knows, with the top teams being so injury prone this year, anything can happen. 


9. Lakers ( 1-5 ) - Being young and fast isn’t always an advantage. It can be if used properly but the Lakers have been making some youthful mistakes which has caused them to drop 5 games so far. All fixable though, as long as these guys stick together. The Armentani brothers along with the strength of the Nakos bros can be a formidable combo. But they need to play smart and maintain a sense of unity in order to compete against the top teams. 

Rankings and Recaps 10/27/16

1. Kings ( 3-0 ) 


2. Wolfpack ( 2-1 )


3. Revolution ( 3-1 )


4. Danny’s Boys ( 2-2 )


5.  PAS Giannina ( 2-1 )


6.  Lakers ( 1-2 )


7.  Boardwalk Empire ( 1-2 ) 


8.  Warriors ( 1-3 )


 9.  Ellas ( 0-3 ) 



Kings 77 vs. Lakers 54


The Kings have been looking very sharp thus far in the season. They’re the only team to have 5 players averaging double figures in points. The offense strong and the defense is stingy. Last night the Kings were led by former league MVP Niki Veronis, who not only scored a game high 34 points, but also dominated the game on defense. Veronis and Zonios combined for 10 three pointers. The Kings are now at the top of my rankings because of their speed, shooting ability and defensive energy. 


The Lakers finally got what looked like a full roster but unfortunately they were pinned against the leagues 1st place team last night. Elias Apsis and Jimmy Armentani both scored 12 points but nobody managed to get it going offensively. Once the Lakers got a solid offensive possession, the Kings would go right down the court and score within seconds. No need to worry if you're a Lakers fan, it’s still early and they did hang tough in this game. This team has grit and heart and they play together. 


Game Ball - Niki Veronis


Revolution 77 vs. Danny’s Boys 67


This Revolution team looks hungry! Especially Pete Kada, who is one of my early season league MVP Candidates. He's gotten off to a hell of a start, averaging 23.25 ppg to lead his team. Kada was efficient last night, scoring 28 points and providing the offensive spark and energy his team needed. But last night’s game ball has to go to Mr. Vasili Nasis, who played only the second half, and scored 21 points to put Danny’s Boys away. Nasis hit some big clutch shots late in the game to maintain the separation. 


The Boys have gotten off to a slow start this season but I’m sure that will pick up. DB’s gotta find a way to make their offense more fluid and mesh as a team. That, though, is the beauty of having a long season. Pete Kathopoulis led the team, as he so often does, with 25 points followed by Jim Armenakis with 22 points. With the addition of an offensive force like Armenakis, its not as likely we’ll see many of those high scoring explosions from Pete. This reinforcement should be a good thing, but they need to find a way to gel. Danny’s Boys will get another crack at the Rev since we play all teams twice this year. 


Game Ball - Vasili Nasis


PAS Giannina 51 vs. Warriors 45


Well look what we have here. Much to my surprise, along with many others, PAS Giannina is a winning team with a tough roster who plays with heart and passion. The hot hand of Evan Tsiklidis has done it again. Evan goes for 29! Thats 52 points in his last 2 games in which PAS is 2-0, so it seems like PAS goes when Evan goes. With their next 3 games against Boardwalk Empire, Lakers and Ellas, it’s quite possible the PAS team can be 5-1 after that stretch! But let’s just take 1 game at a time and see if Giannina can keep this momentum moving forward. 


Inconsistency plagues the Warriors. After a solid opening day win, the Warriors have dropped 3 straight games and now sit at 1-3. With 25% of the season complete, this isn’t where the Warriors want to be. But, like I mentioned previously, it is a long season and they will have plenty of chances to recover. Step one, beating the Lakers in their next game. Follow that up with an upset against Danny’s Boys and BOOM, back at .500 ! 


Game Ball - Evan Tsiklidis 

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