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Hello everyone!  I am proud to bring you this year’s installment of Mr. PGBL's Corner.  I will bring you a unique perspective to the games each week and will try to add new and exciting features throughout the season.  I would like to thank the Commissioners, Mr. Bill Zonios and Mr. John Vasiliou for allowing me this opportunity as well as for all their hard work to make this season possible.  I would also like to thank ALPHA CARD SERVICES for sponsoring my weekly column and giving me an unlimited "Alpha credit card" to buy all that spanakopita from the snack stand......boy is that stuff good!!!  Good luck to all the teams this season.  I will be watching....

Mr. PGBL's Corner

Mr. PGBL's Pre Season Power Rankings 2016-17

1. Wolfpack - The Champs are on top until somebody knocks them off. With little change to their roster, the Pack are just as strong, if not stronger than they were last season. I think maturity and growth will show for the Pack this year, making them even tougher to beat. Look out PGBL! 

2. Kings and Danny’s Boys - So why are these teams tied for second? This is the best rivalry in PGBL History! Every year these teams are at the top of the power rankings and each matchup, whether its regular season or playoffs, is a competitive grudge match! Overall the Kings have won 4 of the 9 matches and DB have won 5. Last year the Kings swept Danny’s Boys 3-0 but the previous year Danny’s Boys swept the Kings en route to their second Championship. The Kings have lost guard Pete Kada but added size in George Pagiotas, who's is a multiple DPOY winner and former champion. Will he be the one to help the Kings get over the hump? Or will Jimmy Armenakis be the one to help Danny’s Boys get back to the promised land? Thats right, DB have added, arguably the best center in PGBL History, Jim Armenakis. That addition made the loss of Nick Kafkalas sting slightly less.  So let’s sit back and watch this great rivalry continue! One thing is for sure, all players on both sides know the other team, which makes for a close game almost every time! 

4. Revolution - The return of Pete Kada, the acquisition of former PGBL MVP Chris Vasiliou and the renewed commitment of Vasili Nasis are just a few reasons why the Rev are a serious contender this year. The Revolution are the all time leaders in team wins in PGBL History with 67 total wins. Will they be able to fend off the Kings ( 65 wins ) to maintain that lead? Opening day should be fun! 

5. Warriors - Nothing new going on here. Just the same old grind and hustle Warriors team led by Nick Karalis and Will Galiatsatos. These guys are older now, more mature and physically stronger which will help them win more games. The Dubs almost always give the top teams trouble by making them play their style of basketball. I wouldn't change that style at all…play your way and play hard. 

6.  Ellas - Rip City and Ellas has merged! The ALL NEW Ellas team is looking much improved with the addition of players like Stefanos Grigorakakis, George Mashas, Pete Kyriakodis and Chris Sarianos. This could be the year Ellas gets over the hump and becomes a winning team. Kudos to captain George Pantzaris for making these moves to improve the team! Looking forward to seeing these guys battle the Warriors on opening night! 

7. PAS Giannina - Bill Dosis and company are back in the PGBL. The boys from Epirus keep the PAS name intact and have some minor changes to the roster. Kosta Pavlidis will be an offensive weapon as PAS looks to make some heads turn. 

8.  Lakers - Finally we have a PGBL team named after one of the most legendary NBA teams! The Lakers, led by captain Dimitri Evangelopoulos have merged with with some former Spartan players and a few new names to the PGBL. As a new team, its hard to gage how good these guys will be. They have the potential, but will have to prove themselves. 

9.  Boardwalk Empire - Anthony Panetta and Nick Kafkalas have left Danny’s Boys to form their own team, consisting of some Jersey grown ballers. This team is ranked last on my list simply because they have several new players we haven’t seen yet. Lets hope these guys are ready for some serious Greek competition! 



Wolfpack 82 vs. Kings 78

The Kings are easily the best team to never have one a PGBL Championship. Last night was their 3rd finals appearance in 5 years and for some reason, they just can’t get it done. Last night, they just didn’t have the energy and fire they needed. Too many players played poorly and not enough guys stepped up. Much of that is due to the Wolfpack’s relentless attack of the basket and effective zone defense.

The Wolfpack, formerly Arseniko, have been in the PGBL since the inception 9 years ago. Battling to earn that first championship and last night, they achieved the ultimate goal. Led by George Vlahos who only scored 10 points in the 1st half but really turned it on for his team in the second half with 21 points for a total of 31 on the night. 31 points was enough to earn him the Finals MVP, his second of his career. On paper, when you look at individual accomplishments along with those of his teams, George Vlahos is currently the best player in PGBL History. Especially if he can win this year’s League MVP trophy which we’ll find out at the banquet. The Pack had major contributions from several other players including Lou Sarris Grau who scored 18 points with some big buckets in the paint and big time rebounds and Lou Karapanagiotides with excellent ball handling and game management.

Basketball is a game of runs as you saw last night. The Kings started the game up 30-13 and the Pack slowly chipped away at the lead. Once the Wolfpack took the lead, they didn’t look back. Great job by both teams. Congratulations to the Wolfpack for their first franchise championship and congrats to the Kings for their success. 

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