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           1.0        PREAMBLE: The Philadelphia Greek Basketball League (“PGBL”) is an adult basketball league in the Delaware Valley for Greek adults, eighteen (18) years and older interested in playing basketball. The PGBL is an independent organization and has no affiliation with any Greek Orthodox church, or Greek-American society or organization.  The league will start in early October and run throughout the winter.

           2.0       RULES AND REGULATIONS: By submitting an official roster and team fee, each team, and all players and coaches associated with each team, agrees to follow and abide by and consents to all of the rules and regulations set forth herein.

           3.0       COMMISSIONERS: The PGBL has two (2) Commissioners, who have equal power and who are in office for life, and oversee the following:

                        a.         Prepare and amend the Rules and Regulations of the PGBL;

                        b.         Schedule all games and venues of the games of the PGBL;

                        c.         Hire all referees;

                        d.         Approve or disapprove an expulsion of a player(s).

                        e.         Negotiate all contracts on behalf of the PGBL and all teams;

                        f.          Is the official voice of the PGBL.

            In the event a Commissioner retires or no longer wishes to participate, then the Commissioners shall have the sole discretion to appoint individual(s) to replace them.

            4.0       CODE OF CONDUCT: By submitting an official roster and team fee, each team, and all players and coaches associated with each team, agrees to follow and abide by and consents to PGBL Code of Conduct, which shall be prepared by the Review Board, described hereinbelow.

            5.0       TEAM ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS: The following shall determine qualification for entry of a team to play in the PGBL:

                        a.         TEAM ROSTER: Each team will submit on or before September 15, its official roster, which will list all of its players along with a photo copy of each player's government issued identification (i.e. driver’s license or passport), which shows a birth date. A player may only play for one (1) team and shall appear on only one (1) roster. No additions or deletions will be allowed after the official roster is submitted.

                        b.         TEAM FEE: The team fee shall be paid on or before the particular team's first game of each year. The team fee may change annually depending on the number of registered teams participating that year.  The amount of the team fee will be posted on the PGBL’s homepage of the website each year.

                        c.         NUMBER OF PLAYERS PER TEAM: Each Team shall have a minimum of eight (8) players and a maximum of twelve (12) players.

            6.0       PLAYER QUALIFICATIONS: Any adult man or woman who meets the following qualifications may play in the PGBL:

                        a.         AGE: Each player must be eighteen (18) years of age or over by October 1 of the starting season.


                        b.         GREEK DESCENT: Each player SHALL BE of Greek Descent. “Greek Descent” shall mean the player is at least fifty (50%) percent Greek by blood. Proof may be by the player’s official birth certificate AND both his/her parents’ official birth certificates. For example purposes only, if a player’s mother is 50% Irish and 50% Greek and the father is 100% Italian, the player is then considered only 25% Greek and ineligible to be in the PGBL. In addition, players who have no Greek blood but are baptized Greek Orthodox, married a Greek, or lived in Greece, are ineligible to be in the PGBL.

            7.0       TEAM PLAY: Each Team SHALL:

                        a.         UNIFORMS: All teams must be in proper unifrom. A team technichal foul will be assessed to any team with an active player who's jersey does not match that of his/her team. The technichal foul will be assessed upon that players entry into the game. 

                        b.         SCOREBOOK/PLAYOFFS: Have each of their players listed in the official scorebook for each game. The score keeper will mark them absent or present for that game. Every player on the original official roster, handed in at the time of registration, will be eligible to play in the playoffs, regardless of how many regular season games they have missed. 

                        c.         START: Be on-time for its respective games.

                                    i.          Teams with four (4) or more players: At the start of the scheduled time of the game, a team who has four (4) or more players at the start of the scheduled time of the game in the gym MUST START THE GAME at their scheduled time.

                                    ii.         Teams with less than four (4) players: At the start of the scheduled time of the game, a team that has less than four (4) players, shall be permitted a ten (10) minute grace period for additional players to appear. If no additional player(s) appear at the end of the said grace period, that team shall forfeit the game. No rescheduling of the game will be allowed; however, in the event the reason for the lateness of player(s) is due to weather conditions, or other extraordinary conditions not in control of the player(s) then the game may proceed with the playing of the game, or, rescheduling of the game, at the sole decision and approval of at least one (1) of the Commissioners. THIS GRACE PERIOD SHALL APPLY TO ONLY THOSE TEAMS THAT HAVE LESS THAN FOUR (4) PLAYERS AT THE START OF THE SCHEDULE GAME.

                                    iii.       Number of Players: A team may begin a game with no less than four (4) players present, and may finish a game with no less than two (2) players.

                                    iv.        Late Player: If a player comes late and permitted to play, he shall enter his name in the score book BEFOREhe enters into the game.

                        d.         TECHNICAL FOULS/EJECTMENT FROM THE GAME AND/OR PGBL:

                                    i.          Ejectment From a Game: During the season, should a player receive two (2) technical fouls in any one (1) game, the player shall be ejected from the game. In addition, that player shall also be suspended for the next game. If a player has a suspension to serve, he must serve it in a "live action game". A forfeit will not be considered a live action game. The only exception is if the opposing team forfeits the game.

                                    ii.         Accumulation of Technicals: Upon a player’s 5th technical foul, that person will be suspended for (1) live action game. Upon a player’s 7th technical foul, that player is done for the season. If a player receives his 5th technical foul AND has already been suspended for (1) game, this player will be done for the season.

                                    iii.       Ejectment From One Season: Should a player be suspended from two (2) games during the season for WHATEVER REASON, the player shall be suspended for the remainder of the season including all play-off games. The Commissioners reserve the right to evoke stricter penalties in the event of severity of the technical fouls if they deem it necessary.

                                    iv.        Ejectment of Two Players: If two (2) players on the same team are ejected from the same game for any reason, the game will then be stopped and the team with the two (2) ejected players shall automatically forfeit the game and it shall be marked a loss. This also applies to flagrant fouls, but shall not apply for fouling out.

                                    v.         Ban from PGBL: If a player intentionally or with malice throws a punch, elbow, kick, head-butt or similar action, against a fan, referee, coach, player or any other person at a game, that player shall be reviewed by the Review Board for possible lifetime ban from the PGBL. However, the Review Board will look to determine whether or not the player was defending himself. Retaliatory actions by a player will also be looked at by the Review Board and are grounds for a possible lifetime ban.

                                    vi.        Language Warning: In efforts to control excessive foul language being used in the Church facilities, each team will get one (1) "Language Warning," by the referee. If a player screams out a curse word, whether it be to himself or his teammates, that team may receive a Language Warning. The second offense shall result in technical foul on the team. 

                                    vii.       Benches: Benches shall not direct chants or yelling at other players, teams or referees. The bench may cheer loudly for its own team, but when it is directed, in a taunting manner, towards someone other than their own team, the official may issue a technical foul immediately.

                        e.         FORFEITURE OF A GAME:


                                    i.          Ineligible Player: A team shall forfeit a game if an ineligible player has participated.

                                   ii.         Greek Descent: If it is determined that any player of a team is less than fifty (50%) percent Greek, THEN THE TEAM SHALL FORFEIT ALL GAMES PLAYED BY THIS PLAYER NO MATTER HOW MUCH TIME HE PLAYED IN THE GAME.

            8.0       REFEREES:

                        a.         DECISIONS BY REFEREE: The referee shall have final decisions pertaining to the officiating of the game.

                        b.         ACTIONS AGAINST REFEREES: In order to protect the referees and the image of the PBGL there shall be no cursing, yelling, threats, mocking or making fun of any referee in English, Greek, or any language, including any gestures or hand signs. Players have the right to disagree and voice their opinion to the official so long as it is done in a non-aggressive respectful manner. Even if a player is not ejected by the referee for these actions, the Commissioners and/or PGBLRB reserve the right to act accordingly based on review and investigation.

            9.0       GAME REGULATIONS:

                        a.         GAME LENGTH/CLOCK: Each game length shall be two (2) twenty (20) minute halves with a running clock. Clock will only stop for timeouts, shooting fouls and for every whistle with under one (1) minute remaining in 1st half and under two (2) minutes remaining in the 2nd half.  Clock will stop on made baskets only during the last minute of the game.

                        b.         PENALTIES: The opposing team will shoot the penalty (one and one) upon the seventh (7th) team foul of each half. Two (2) free throws will be shot upon the tenth (10th) foul of each half.

                        c.         FOUL OUTS: A player shall be removed from the game upon receiving his fifth (5th) personnel foul, or second (2nd) technical foul.


                        d.         3-POINT SHOT: Three (3) point shot will be in effect.

                        e.         TIME-OUTS: Each team will be permitted two (2) timeouts per half.  Timeouts DO NOT carry-over to the 2nd half.  Each team is permitted one (1) timeout for each overtime period.

                        f.          OVERTIME: Overtime period(s) will be five (5) minutes each. Clock shall stop at every whistle under two (2) minutes and made baskets during the last minute.  

                        g.         SCOREKEEPING/SCORING TITLE: Player and team points will be kept by an official scorekeeper at every game. Player and team points will all be totaled, averaged out and updated onto the website. At the season's end, the scoring title will be given to the player with the highest points per game average (must have played in at least fifty (50%) percent of total scheduled games).

                        f.          PLAY-OFFSThe top eight (8) of nine (9) teams will make the playoffs. There will be NO reseeding unless we have 2 seperate divisions. 

                        g.         TIE BREAKERS: Should there be a tie between two (2) teams (or multiple team ties) at the end of the regular season, the tie breaker shall be in the following order:

                                    i.          Head to head matchup; then,

                                    ii.         Point differential in the head to head matchups; then,

                                    iii.       Most total offensive points.

10.0.      AMENDMENTS: These Rules and Regulations may be amended at any time by both Commissioners, which said amendment shall take effect fifteen (15) days after posting on the PGBL website.








Players’ Code of Conduct


1.         Players must encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials and spectators at every league game and practice by demonstrating good sportsmanship.

2.         Players must treat other players, coaches, league officials, spectators and referees with respect.

3.         Players shall refrain from the use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol at all league games while attending or participating.

4.         Players shall abide by the rules and regulations of the game.

5.         Players shall not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any coach, player, spectator, participant, league officials, and referees.

6.         Players shall not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety, or well- being of any coach, player, spectator, participant, league officials, and referees.

7.        Players shall not engage in the use of profanity and derogatory language based on race, sex, creed, impairments or abilities, while attending or participating in any league game.

8.         Players shall not engage in verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any coach, player, spectator, participant, league officials, and referees while attending or participating in any league game, on or off the court, or prior to, during, or after the said game.

9.         Players shall not initiate a fight or scuffle with any coach, player, spectator, participant, league officials, or referees.

10.       Players acknowledge and understand that the referee has all final decisions pertaining to officiating the game.

11.       Players shall abide by all decisions of the PGBL Board of Review and/or Commissioners.









Overview of

Philadelphia Greek Basketball League Review Board


            1.          ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE:   The Philadelphia Greek Basketball League will create and maintain the Philadelphia Greek Basketball League Review Board (“Review Board”) which shall have jurisdiction to review:

a.         Complaints against players’ and/or coaches’ conduct before, during, and      after a game;

                        b.         Issues regarding sportsmanship;

                        c.         Eligibility of players; and,

                        d.         Any other duties or responsibilities promulgated by the Commissioners.

e.         The Review Board shall not have jurisdiction to review referee calls on the             court, including but not limited to the ejectment of players and/or coaches             from the game, however, in the event of an ejectment, the Review Board will   have jurisdiction to sanction the said ejected player and/or coach.

            2.         MEMBERS: The Review Board shall consist of five (5) members, who shall be of Greek heritage (any percentage) living in the Delaware Valley, and are at least twenty (21) years of age. One member shall be a licensed attorney, who shall act as Chairman of the Review Board. The members shall be appointed by the Commissioners who shall remain on the Review Board for one (1) year and continue year to year until replaced by the Commissioners.

            3.         PAYMENT:  No member of the Review Board shall receive any compensation, whether monetary or non-monetary, but may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses approved by the Commissioners.

            4.         CODE OF CONDUCT: The Review Board shall prepare a PGBL Code of Conduct, approved by the Commissioners, which shall be incorporated into the PGBL Rules and Regulations and may prepare rules of procedure for hearing complaints and/or violations and review of all conduct and eligibility issues based on the rules instituted by the PGBL.

            5.         GRIEVANCE: Any grievance and/or complaints within the jurisdiction of the Review Board, as described hereinabove, shall be submitted to the Review Board via email and/or certified mail, postage prepaid, with a copy to the Commissioners, within one (1) week after the game. A grievance may be submitted by a player, coach, referee, or the Commissioners.

            6.         REVIEW AND INVESTIGATIONS: In reviewing and investigating any grievance and/or complaint properly received, the Review Board shall have the right to request testimony, written or oral, from anyplayers, coaches, referees, or any other person with actual knowledge of the incident which led to the grievance. Any player or coach who fails and/or refuses to cooperate in the investigation by the Review Board shall be subject to immediate suspension of, at least, one (1) game, with the approval of both Commissioners. All reviewing, investigation, and deliberations by the Review Board shall not be public and the Review Board may issue their decision within one (1) week from the time the grievance was received, unless they require additional time.

            7.         SANCTIONS: The Review Board shall have the power to sanction any player and/or coach which the Review Board has found to have violated the PGBL Code of Conduct, the Rules and Regulations, and/or has permitted or is ineligible to play. Sanctions include:

                        a.         Player/Coach suspension from a specific number of future games;

                        b.         Player/Coach expulsion from the league;

                        c.         Team forfeiture of games.

            8.         DECISIONS AND APPEALS: All decisions of the Review Board shall be by majority and are final and non-appealable, except the expulsion of a player/coach from the league, which shall be unanimous and approved by the co-commissioners.



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