D.V.G.O.B.L. Rules
(Revised on 10/5/2013)  


The Delaware Valley Greek Orthodox Basketball League is an activity of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey / Delaware Valley Region Youth Commission and is subject to all rules and directives of the Delaware Valley Region Youth Commission.


1. Any Parish that is in good financial standing with the Delaware Valley Youth Commission will be eligible to sponsor a boy's and a girl's team in the Basketball League. More than one boys' and girls' team per parish is permissible. In the event a church admits more than one team into the league, they must designate an "A" and a "B" team, with players from "B" team being GOYAns no older than 15 years of age as of October 1st of that year. Players from "B" team are permitted to play "up" with their Church's "A", but not vice versa.

2. Each Parish will submit, prior to October 1st, its official roster, which will list all of its players and their respective grades, along with proof of age for each player. A player's name may appear on only one roster. No additions or deletions will be accepted after the roster is submitted. The following will be considered valid proof of age: Baptismal Certificate, Birth Certificate or Passport.

3. It is necessary from each player to submit a signed parental permission slip, player's oath and medical consent form. These forms must be submitted to the League with the official roster.

4. All entry fees must be submitted on or before October 1st, as stated in the Youth Commission By-Laws. Teams must submit their rosters along with proof of age from each player on or before October 1st. Teams not in compliance with this rule will not be permitted to play the first game and will be assessed a $50.00 late fee. If registrations requirements for a team are not complete when submitted, the whole packet will be returned to sender. If deadline passes before it is complete, penalty will be added.


League will supply the following to the churches providing basketball courts for the League's use:

1. Official leather basketballs (1 boys' and 1 girls')

2. Official clock and horn

3. Official scorebook with a copy of the League Official By-Laws attached.

4. 12 pennies per gym

5. A first aid kit will be kept at the scorekeeper's table.

6. League will pay for all referee expenses and Scorekeeper(must be official referee)

7. The Host Church will be responsible for assigning a competent timekeeper and scorekeeper and paying the referees from the League funds. Ideally, each participating team should provide on individual to handle the scorebook and /or time clock at each game.

8. The host Parish shall be responsible for the safekeeping of two basketballs, one clock and one horn and 12 pennies after the games. If this equipment is lost or misplaced, the host church is responsible for its replacement.

9. An official contact person representing the League will be present at all gyms during League play. That person is responsible for reporting the game scores to the designated Newsletter person before 5:00 pm on the Monday following the game. The report is to include a copy of the official game score sheet.

10. A snack bar will be open in each gym during League play to provide refreshments, ice, etc. for player, as well as spectators.


1. Each team member should play for the Church where his/her family is sustaining members and where they participate in parish life. In the case of new parish members, whether due to a move from one parish to parish within the Delaware Valley Region or from outside the Region to an area parish, consideration will be taken on an individual basis, by the Youth Commission. In most cases the player may be required to sit out one year.

EXCEPTION: Should a player attend a Church that doesn't have a team, he/she may play for the team of his/her neighboring Church.

2. In the event that a family actively supports membership in more than one parish of the Region, team membership shall be based on G.O.Y.A. participation, Sunday school enrollment, etc. as determined by the Parish Priests of the parishes involved and the Youth Commission.

3. Each team member must be of the Greek Orthodox Faith and a member of his/her parish G.O.Y.A. All players are encouraged to actively participate In G.O.Y.A. activities other than athletics and must fulfill their parish Religious Education requirement.
4. All Players and coaches must attend Divine Liturgy and Sunday School, AND must be present in Church on the day of the game, or they will not be permitted to play in that day’s game. 5. Each team member must be in the 7th -12th grades, inclusive and shall be age 18 or under as of October 1st of that particular year. Should a player be 18 and turn 19 after the start of the season, he/she may continue to play for the duration of the season providing he/she is a high school student.

6. A team member will be declared ineligible for the playoffs if he/she does not appear in the official scorebook for at least 50% of games through the course of the regular season. A player shall not be listed in the official score book unless the player is physically present at the games. A player must be present by halftime to be counted physically present and on the bench for each game.

7. Each team must be in proper uniform, with his/her player number plainly visible. Failure to comply with the rules governing proper uniform will result in the player being deleted form the game line-up.

8. The host parish will be responsible for maintaining the official scorebook. Each team may supply its own unofficial scorebook.

9. Each team MUST be on time for its respective games. All team members should be informed of game times and locations by the team coaches and advisors. If 5 players are present, the game will commence at the scheduled time. After a 15-minute grace period, the late arriving team will forfeit the game. No rescheduling shall be allowed. An exception to this rule may be made due to inclement weather, with the pre-approval of the League Committee Chairman. A newsletter should be distributed weekly to the players by their respective coaches.

10. A fine, equivalent to the amount of the referee's fees, will be assessed to the team that forfeits a game by not showing up. In the event of the foreknowledge of a forfeit, notice must be given to the opposing team before noon on the day before the game. If the opposing team does not receive advance notice and arrives at the gym ready to play, the team that forfeits will also be expected to pay any travel expenses that were incurred. (See Article IV. #8 for rule governing inclement weather.)

11. Should a player or coach be ejected from a game for any reason, he/she will be suspended for the next game the team is scheduled to play. With the second ejection, the player/coach will be suspended for the remainder of the year.

12. Should a player receive 3 technical fouls, or a coach receives 3 technical fouls during a season, he/she will be suspended for the remainder of the year.

13. Should a player or coach receive 2 technicals in a game, he/she will be ejected from the game.

14. Coaches are to sit on the bench during play. They may stand but must stay on front of the players' bench they will not "roam" the sidelines.

15. Coaches will be held responsible for the behavior of their players and along with the Gym advisor they are responsible for the fans.

16. The official scorekeeper is responsible for notifying the designated newsletter person and the League Chairman of all technical fouls and ejections, with the reasons for same. A tally of technicals and ejections will be recorded in the weekly newsletter.

17. A team shall forfeit any game in which an ineligible player has participated.

18. Youth Commission must be consulted for approval of any change of uniform color. In a game where both teams have the same color uniforms, the team who most recently changes its color will wear pinneys.

19. In the event that two League referees are not present for a game, the game will be played and considered official upon the agreement of all three: the coaches of both teams involved, and the League Official (if present).


1. Length: Game lengths are as follows - Girls - 8-minute quarters Boys - 8-minute quarters

The clock will be running clock and stop on each whistle in the last minute of the 1st quarter and 3rd quarter, and the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quaters. The clock will also stop on all shootng fouls

2. Penalty: The opposing team will shoot the penalty upon the seventh (7) team foul of each half. The bonus (2 free throws) will be in effect upon the tenth (10) team foul of each half.

3. Fouls: A player will be removed from the game upon receiving his/her fifth (5) personal foul

4. Three point shot will be in effect where 3-point line is marked on the floor.

5. Coaches are to instill good sportsmanlike conduct in their respective teams in accordance with Orthodox Christian tenets.

6. Timeouts: Each team will be permitted three (3) full timeouts and two (2) 30 second timeouts.

7. Overtime: In case of a tie, there will be a three (3) minute overtime period, during which the clock will be stopped on all violations. One timeout will be permitted for each team in addition to any remaining from the previous four quarters.

8. Point Span: At the time a team exceeds the lead stated below, that team will not be allowed to perform a full court press and they are to stay within the three point line on defense. Anyone who does not follow this rule will get a warning and after an unsportsmanlike technical foul.

Boys: If lead exceeds 20 points Girls: If lead exceeds 15 points

The coaches are encouraged to play the bench - especially at times when there is a sizable lead.


1. Playoff positions will be awarded to the teams that finish in the Top 6 places at the end of the regular season.

2. Quarterfinals games will pair the 3rd seed and the 6th seed in one game, and the 4th seed and the 5th seed in the other game. Winners will advance to semifinal games.

3. The Semifinal games will pair the 1st seed with the lowest remaining seed and the 2nd seed will play the higher seed. (Reseed after the quarterfinal round)

4. The winners will advance to the Championship Game and the losers will play for 3rd place.

5. Trophies will be awarded to the top four teams that participated in the playoffs. Boys' and Girls' team Sportsmanship Trophies will be awarded Boys' and Girls' MVP Awards will be presented. Any additional awards may be given at the discretion of the coaches.

In addition to the above, roving trophies will be awarded (for a one year interval) to the winners of the Boys' and Girls' Playoffs, respectively. If a team wins three years in a row, it shall retain the roving trophy permanently.

The awards are named as follow: The Dr. Nick Nicolas Memorial MVP Awards (Boys' and Girls') The Rev. Constantine Combitsis Roving Championship (Boys) The Astra Foods Roving Championship Award (Girls)

6. Relative to the Sportsmanship Awards, each Girls' team will vote for the one Girls' team (other than itself) and each Boys' team will do the same, relative to one Boys' team. The teams with the most votes in each of the two categories wins.

7. With regard to the MVP Awards each Girls' team will vote for eight girls (in order, from 1 to 8, with the number 1 choice being awarded eight points; number 2, seven points etc.). The individual with the most points will win. The Boys will vote in the same manner for eight boys.

8. No player may be nominated for the honor of All-Star or MVP if he/she received two technical fouls during the regular season /post season for reasons of un-Christian-like behavior, specifically: hostility, anger, improper language. A list of those who have received such technical fouls shall be mailed to all coaches with the All Star/MVP ballots.

9.  In the event that a team recieve five technical fouls or two flagrant fouls for reasons of un-Christian-like behavior (specified above), that team shall be disqualified from further competition in that season. A list of teams who have recieved such technical fouls shall be mailed to all coaches with the weekly standings.


1. Should there be a tie between two teams at the end of the regular season, the team that won when those teams met during the regular season will be awarded the higher position.

2. Should three teams be tied at the end of the season, the team with the better record when playing the other two will be awarded the higher position. If there is still a tie, the team with the least amount of technical fouls, commited by player, coach and team will be awarded the higher position. The remaining two teams will be placed according to Rule 6.1.

3. Should three or more teams be tied at the end of the season and all have same record against each other and all having the same amount of technicals, then the team with the best point differential would get the highest seeding (Girls 13) (Boys 18) being the maximum point differential counted. if all teams still tied then a coin flip will be implemented. The remaining teams will be placed according to Rule 6.1


1. The Grievance Committee shall consist of three individuals and an alternate, from four different parishes. All four of these individuals shall be appointed by the Youth Commission Chairman. He shall appoint one of them as Grievance Committee Chairman.

2. Any grievance must be submitted to the Youth Commission, in writing, and b postmarked within one week of the game. The grievance will then be forwarded to the Grievance Committee Chairman and Basketball Committee Chairman. Action should be taken within three weeks.

3. All Committee members from the parishes directly involved in a grievance shall not have a vote on any resolution pertaining to any such grievance. A quorum shall be defined as a minimum of two committee members. A quorum is needed to take action. A majority vote is required.

4. The Grievance Committee decision shall be final. It shall be empowered to issue suspensions and other necessary actions.


1. The referees shall have jurisdiction regarding the interpretation of rules for all League games, according to PIAA/Federation (State of New Jersey) rules.


A Coaches' Workshop will be held before the start of each season. Date of this event should be determined and advertised with 2 months advance notice. All coaches must attend this workshop in order to be eligible to coach in the GOYA Basketball League. A Handbook for Coaches, that describes the responsibilities and duties of a coach, will be given to all coaches


1. No change to the League Schedule will be made due to outside commitments. A letter detailing scheduling requirements must be sent to the League by September 15th for consideration.

2. No tournaments may be scheduled by participating League teams during the entire length of the season. Likewise, no participating League team may attend a tournament if it creates a conflict with the League Schedule.

Revised on 10/5/2013